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Grand Master Katsuoh Yamamoto is a 10th degree black belt and the Founder of Yoshukai Karate. He is the driving force behind the new World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization along with Mr. Hiroaki Toyama, Mr. Mike Culbreth, and all the instructors who have joined the organization. This is the first time Master Yamamoto has allowed a new Organization to be formed since Master Koda came to the United States in 1969. Master Yamamoto will be a very visible part of World Yoshukai and you can expect to see him in the United States more often.

Master Yamamoto began karate at the age of twelve working out with a friend and learning the basic skills of the art. At age 15 he began serious training in Chito-Ryu Karate, under Master Chitose the founder of Chito-Ryu and the former student of the famous Master Gichin Funakashi who began the Okinawan Karate, which is the forerunner of all Japanese styles of karate today.

He trained faithfully and at age 22 became the number one practitioner in Japan in 1960. He retired undefeated as the All Japan Karate Champion in 1961. At this time, he also achieved the position of Master. During the following year, he founded the first school of Yoshukai Karate which became recognized as a true Martial Art in 1963. The number of his students grew and as they became instructors, Yoshukai began to grow throughout the world including the United States. Master Yuki Koda arrived in the U.S. in 1969 and established U.S.Yoshukai Karate. The style soon became well known as the Actual Fighting Karate through special demonstrations throughout the world. These demostrations challenged the limits of human power. Mr. Yamamoto broke baseball bats, blocks of concrete and ice.

World Yoshukai Karate is recognized for extensive physical training, self-defense, self-control and respect for oneself and others. World Yoshukai students are noted for their perseverance, loyalty, dedication, respectful manners and strong hearts. Grand Master Yamamoto has founded an organization determined to provide quality instruction to anyone at any age.