David Seller a 4th Degree blackbelt has been in Martial Arts for over 10 years and has been a Black Belt and Assistant Instructor for 8 years.


I am originally from Puerto Rico but grew up in Oxford Alabama.  Martial Arts has been my way of life. No matter where we go or what we are doing I always try to spread World  Yoshukai.

I was introduced to Yoshukai in the early 1990’s by my friend Shane Garrett. I began training under Shihan Chuck Torruella in every aspect including competing to building  the first demo team in Anniston. 

I received my first degree in 2000 and soon after received my instructor’s certification.  I opened a dojo in Woodstock Alabama then expanded to Hueytown Alabama where I am currently teaching.  I received my 5th degree in July 2014 at the Super Fights.  I am also head of WYKKO and J Cruz Xtreme Martial Arts demo team.

J Cruz Martial Arts

Patrick Turner brings over 23 years of Martial Arts training and competition and discipline to J. Cruz Martial Arts. Mr. Turner began training in 1987 at Shamblin’s School of Karate in Cleveland, Tennessee where he earned a 2nd Degree black belt in the Isshin-Ryu discipline. Turner moved in Birmingham, Alabama in 1997 and later began training in World Yoshukai Karate under Shihan Cruz where he has achieved his 3rd Degree black belt. Turner Competes in full contact competition and travels with the school’s demo team to exhibit the discipline of World Yoshukai Karate.